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Hidden Strength

A Haru Fan Community

September 18th, 2008

AU COMM!!! whoo

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Not sure if this is allowed but...

Do you have a fic or art/comic that is AU (alternate universe: aka not in the avatar cannon timeline)? If so you can post it at this atla_au ALL and ANY pairings welcome!! It doesn't just have to be a fic set in modern day but it could be something in the civil war, future, or anything!!

X posted at tons of other avatar communities.

August 22nd, 2008

RP in need!

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We are still desparetly looking for a Sokka and Mai and Haru
To claim

August 2nd, 2008

(no subject)


Hey, I just joined this community and I wanted to ask something. About the Soap Opera, is all of the fics for it in the form of phone converastions, myspace, blog, diary, etcetera? Are there any "story" posts for it?

July 25th, 2008


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I thought I'd share with you Haru fans a community I made since I couldn't find one.
harula A place to post fics and fan-art for one of my favorite couples; Azula and Haru.

July 6th, 2008

Hello Soap fans! So sorry for the endless hiatus but we are back! To get everyone caught up here is a link to the last Soap Summary!

And now what you've all been waiting for.... Soap Summary Week 9.5!!

Previously on The H. S. Soap...Collapse )

What happens next is anyone's guess... stay tuned to find out!

This peculiar brand of madness is brought to you by:
drygon (Zuko, Teo, & Suki), dungeonwriter (Ozai, Toph, & Alicia), batmarg (Katara), kyatto (Iroh), and loveroftheflame (Azula, Aang, & Aunt Wu)!

We would also like to welcome a new member of our cast! angel_ray who will be playing the staring role of HARU! We welcome her to our craziness and look forward to working with her in the future!

Minor characters sometimes played by various cast members: Jet, Sokka, Ziva, Theo, Mongke, Meng, Hahn, Ty Lee, & Mai...

Comments from our viewers are always welcome!

June 27th, 2008

HS Soap,

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Hello, I was just wondering if the soap is still going on and what happened to it, since I can only find the 2 mega summaries from 2007. And since now we are very well into the year 2008 I was wondering what happened. If anyone could let me know it would be much appreciated! Thanks!

April 22nd, 2008

(no subject)

avatar: *sulks*
title: five reactions to haru's moustache
spoilers: for "western air temple"
rating: gen
summary: title pretty much says it all

It's a surprisingly polarizing addition to Haru's face.

April 2nd, 2008

Title: Péng Yǒu
Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Genre: Gen
Rating: PG
Spoilers for 3x12.  Haru and Prince Zuko bond in silence.
Warning: Oneshot, mention of one-sided Haru/Katara, possible slash if you tilt your head to the right and squint.  Any subtext is not intended by the author.  Friendshipfic.

April 1st, 2008

Title: Heal Me Now
Author: sugarland31
Rating: K+/mild T
Summary: "It's a fitting denouement." 37 sentences concerning Haru and Ty Lee. 

once the invasion ends...
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