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Hidden Strength

A Haru Fan Community

Hidden Strength: A Haru Fan Community
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Are you tired of the lack of fandom love for pretty-boy Earthbender Haru from Avatar: the Last Airbender? Do you have Haru-related fanworks that just don't fit in on the big shipper communities? Want to pimp out underappreciated Haru fanworks you've seen elsewhere? Or would you just like to squee at other Haru-obsessed fans? If so, you've come to the right place.

We welcome any and all fanfic/fanart featuring Haru, whatever the genre, ship, or rating; all that we ask is that you make sure to list ratings and any applicable content warnings, and place any potentially objectionable material behind a LJ-cut.

Special thanks to the good folks at firebender.com for providing the screencaps used to make the community graphics and icons.

Now also home to the:

The HS Soap follows the Avatar cast into a modern day AU of massive proportions. Haru is the lead singer of The Goblin Kings, a rock band that also includes Sokka on guitar, Zuko on bass, and Aang on the drums. But these college boys’ journey to fame is not as easygoing as it may seem. Love, lies, and deception abound, as the entire cast is thrown headfirst into the story.

All conversations take place through LJ comments as phone calls, IMs, emails, journal entries, blog posts, and more. Post are updated continuously, so you’ll want to keep an eye on what’s going on. Full summaries will also be updated after every week of soaptime to fill in any details for that week in case you miss anything.

The soap has something for everyone, with more pairings and characters than you’ll know what to do with. Whatever your particular ship is or your interests are, you should be able to find something here you’ll like. So come join in on the drama and insanity that is the HS Soap.

We have all posts updated and added on to one big summary, so start here to jump right in:
Part 1
Part 2

Or, if you want to go through all the tagged posts whatever way you like, you can find them here:
Tag: HS Soap

And all Soap fanart posts can be found here:
Tag: HS Soap Fanart

If you want to leave us any comments or suggestions (which are much appreciated!) they can go here:

AND... Have you ever been interested in: RPing a squeeing fangirl (or more commonly already are one), writing terrible fanfiction, drawing bad art (or good art even), or just being a Goblin Kings fan? Then stop over to our FANMAIL THREAD and let them know. Send them stalkerish letters, drawings, fanfiction, miscellaneous objects in the mail, whatever you can come up with, just have fun with it!

But if you're just starting out here, you might want to get to know the characters first!

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